Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who knew a cooler was so much fun?

Apparently Abby knows a cooler can be so much fun to squeeze yourself into!!

I don't have a picture of the times she fell out!!

Special K's visit

Abby LOVED her time with Special K this week (Stephen's mom). They read, played, sang, etc. all day every day. I have a CD of about 130 pictures that she took of their time together!! I was able to get a lot of random things painting Abby's twin be pictured sometime soon after we buy the mattress. We wish K and all our families lived closer!!

Sticker Fun

Special K brought fun smiley face stickers and Abby had fun putting them all over her body and my face!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alive and well

It sounds bad to say we haven't had much going on because life is always full of course!! We just haven't had any blogworthy news really. Stephen's recovering from the flu, Abby and I have colds, but we're all hanging in there. I enjoyed a recent visit with some college roomies (we missed you Amy!) and my parents visited (but they are here once a month so that's not even very newsy!). We're thankful Stephen's practice has hired an office manager who will start soon and hopefully relieve some stress for him. I loved going to a recent consignment sale and now I'm trying to work on the 2nd birthday party plans. Abby's come a long way after saying goodbye to her pacifiers about a month ago. So that's a little summaroosky for you!!

Naptime distress! But bunny's always a faithful companion!

Sweetness...what a cutie!

Abby and Jonathan (my roomie Stephanie's little boy)