Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Move is sort of over...

It's official! We moved! We will be unpacking forever it seems, but we're here. It's weird to all of a sudden be living somewhere else. I've moved before, but this one seems to be so strange. Maybe it's because my home is where I "work" everyday so I'm very attached to it. I was comfortable there, knew where everything was, had a routine, etc. I think that like any other loss in life, you grieve things for a bit of time. There are things I do miss about our old house, but this new place is quickly becoming home...b/c like someone told me, home is where the people I love are...and I do love my hubby and kiddos!

The swingset came along to the new house and with the beautiful 70 degree weather we were able to enjoy it already.

McAlister's 1st swinging experience...he seemed to enjoy the wind in his hair...oh wait...actually his hair is finally growing back in now

2 months old

The Big Mac (no, we still haven't shortened his name...i'm just being silly!) is actually BIG! At his 2 month visit he weighed 11.5lbs. Abby never had chunky thighs like McAlister's. He's too cute these days...wanting to smile and talk to anyone in view. The move has kept us busy and I hope that now I can settle in and enjoy him as he grows b/c the past 2 months have zoomed by.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Love my playgroup!

Last week was my first outdoor playgroup adventure with both kids. Thankfully Lindsey captures all our fun on her camera so I just steal the pics from her website!! We met at a fun playground to let them get their energy out and then enjoyed a windy picnic lunch. It was so nice to take a break from packing and get outside. It was even nicer to see my "fabulous" friends...we LOVE our playgroup!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Packing up a HOME....

No blogging recently due to the immense amount of packing going on at our house. We move in 3 days and I'd say we're mostly done packing...yay! I've been so consumed with the preparations and packing phase that I haven't really thought about how I feel about it. Mixed emotions for sure. The house we are currently in has sold...God is good! But this is the first house Stephen and I bought together...and it is our home! This is the home we've brought 2 babies home to. This is the home we know. We are all ready to finally be settled into the new house...and it will become home over time. I'll post pics soon of the new place. If I lose a few more pounds during this packing phase maybe Stephen will re-lift me over the threshold!! Hahaha!