Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rainy Day Cookies!!

Our playgroup came over today. I hadn't hosted in forever since our neighborhood doesn't have a pool. But we knew we'd have glorious, needed rain today so Logan led the kids in cookie baking 101. They all took turns scooping, scraping, and dumping ingredients in a secret Logan recipe for "playgroup crazies" cookies. They were yummy!! The kitchen is all back to being "clean" and we all got to have some extra cookies for later. We LOVE our playgroup!!!

We tried to get a picture of all them together...they wouldn't look at the camera so we tried letting the mixer get their attention. I think a few were frightened!!

Avery being sweet to Abby (yep! it was a successful panty morning!)

1st bite of finished product, after lunch of course!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

24 weeks

Today was my 24 week OB appt...the time is really flying by...amazing how chasing a toddler around all day can keep you so busy! We're continuing the potty attempts with Abby this week. We're hanging around in panties most of the day...not me...I mean I have them on also, but I get to wear something over mine b/c I no longer tinkle on myself thankfully...although pregnancy can be brutal on the bladder...TMI sorry I digressed! But this is my life...

This week after feeding the ducks downtown, visiting the children's garden, and playing in the fountains we decided to have a front porch panties picnic so we'd be in the shade. It was really fun to be outside and watch her soak in God's beautiful creation, from ants and butterflies and squirrel to big oak trees and clouds. The theme this month at church is God made everything so we've been trying to focus on that with her. The weather has been great recently! Anyway, that's what we've been up to recently. Looking forward to a visit from Stephen's parents this weekend.

And for tomorrow...a Happy 8th Birthday to our niece Blythe!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potty Boot Camp...

So we decided to get serious about potty training to see if Abby's really ready yet. We're hoping she's ready before our baby boy gets here in December! So I pumped it up for about a week...she helped make a sticker chart, we bought skittles and lemonade, checked out "Go Potty Go" from the library, we got out her new panties and her baby that pees, etc. She was so excited about "potty time" that she told everyone about she saw about it. So this Monday was start day...and this Monday was also Abby has a high fever and diarrhea day :( We still started our training...and it's been going okay. Much better today on day 3. It actually rained some this morning and so we took a snack (and the potty) outside. She seems to be having fun and really likes her panties, but can't seem to always make it to the potty in time. I honestly think she is just enjoying my undivided attention b/c I don't leave her alone much while she's wearing her big girl panties!! We'll keep trying and if it's not going well, we'll revisit boot camp again in a few weeks. I welcome any and all suggestions!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cha Cha Slide!

More pics of the happy couple!! I keep finding them on other people's facebook pages!!

Abby's favorite dance at the reception was the Cha Cha Slide song. She was so interested in watching everyone and then started trying out her own moves. So I found the song on iTunes this morning and we've been having a morning dance workout b/c she wants to do it again and again. How fun!! By the next reception we go to she'll have it down...although by then the songs will have changed again. My sister refused to have Electric Slide played...that's the only one I know really well!! I'm so old!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding bells rang...flower girl froze!

What a beautiful and exhausting weekend of wedding fun! It was a wonderful wedding...one of the most beautiful I've ever been to and I don't think I'm too biased right?!! Malana was stunningly gorgeous and all the planning came together perfectly. I fit into my bridesmaid dress, Abby looked adorable, it didn't rain (although in the 97 degree humidity I might have enjoyed the rain!). Abby did great at the rehearsal, but when it came to show time she froze and wouldn't come down the aisle/stairs to the pergola. I don't think she would have walked with me either though. I guess carrying her would have been an option...but it was hot and I'm pregnant! However, her shyness ended when the dancing started!! She loves to dance! I only have pics on my camera of before the wedding like the rehearsal, bridesmaid luncheon and getting dressed the day of. I'm hopeful that my mother-in-law got some good ones of us during the wedding and reception! I wish my sis and her new hubby Erik all the best...and am trying not to be jealous that they are laying out on the coast of Mexico right now! Thanks for your prayers for our weekend...it was great!

Highgrove Estate...the tent to the right was the reception

Rehearsing on the stairs went well

The crazy, happy couple strikes a rehearsal pose!

The bride and the "matron" before the bridesmaid luncheon

Me and the stunning bride!

Isn't she lovely?

The "flower girl" sort of...

Awwww...how sweet!

My cute parents all dressed up!