Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seabrook Island R&R

Stephen and I had a fabulous little vacation while his parents kept Abby for us. It's the first time we've been away from her for more than one night. We had so much fun doing nothing, walking on the beach, talking lots, eating yummy food, etc. And we finally decided on the baby boy's name...which will be revealed when he's born!!

Here's the lovely house (thanks to the Dobson family!)

Here's the view from the top balcony where we hung out a lot

Here's me on our little mini-visit to Charleston

Monday, October 20, 2008

Falling down...

In an effort to not just have this blog be totally about Abby, I decided to let you in on a little of my heart recently. Falling down seems an appropriate title for Abby and me this past week. She literally fell down or tumbled off her picnic table outside onto the patio and really scraped up her head and nose. It was quite a scary and sad of the most serious injuries in her short life (and for that blessing we're so grateful). She wanted simply to be held and cry it ice thanks.

Here's the damage a day later, a nice v-shaped forehead scrape

Acting sad about the injury

Just a face I thought most resembled what looks I'm being given frequently

Today Abby pulled out a little stool, climbed on top, and began singing a song about standing on the rock. I asked her if she learned it at church and she said yes, but couldn't remember any more words. I need to ask the teachers to teach it to me! What a song I needed to hear, if only those few words of "I'm standing on the rock." Because I'm not. I've somehow stepped off the solid rock of Christ to attempt to control things on my own...and amazingly enough it's not working!! In our women's study at church we're doing a study called "He Speaks to Me" by Priscilla Shirer. It's been really, really good. Today's lesson was on being still in my emotions and not letting them control me. I needed to hear it. And I needed to cry and to be held by my loving Father. I didn't need any ice, just the sheer realization that I have taken my feet from the only firm place they should be. I'm caught up in emotions of a pity party about being tired from potty training, big girl bed training, having a husband who works crazy hours, being pregnant, etc. It's foolishness b/c the truth is I should be continually giving thanks to God for a wonderful & hard-working husband that affords me the opportunity to stay at home, a beautiful & smart little girl who loves me so much, a little boy growing inside me who I get to meet in less than 2 months, loving parents and in-laws...and the list goes on. So the good news is I got out all my pity partying laments to the Lord this afternoon. I've stepped back on the solid rock and am ready to be used by him to serve him exactly where he has me. And it's somewhere I want to be and a place I wouldn't trade for anything.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last weekend was full of changes (and for some reason that song came into my head in the title). Anyway, my sister and her new hubby made their 1st visit to Greenville as a married couple. It was fun to do some G-vegas things with them like Fall for Greenville and making them play on the playground with Abby! Other changes were the nursery was painted, the crib was moved out of Abby's room, and we began the saga of the big girl bed switcharoo. Here are just a few pics...the nursery needs some decor still, but at least we have the crib ready for whenever baby boy Jones makes his debut!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

keeping a straight face...

Sometimes we have nap issues...most of you know this. Well today after she had sang and played and started to yell after 45 minutes I decided to go in and remind her it was indeed naptime. And how do I find her? Naked! And how do you keep a straight face when there she is in all her glory, clothes piled nicely on the table and her sitting on her pillow very proudly. I'd need an instant replay to know for sure, but I think I did smile and then went into lecture mode as I redressed her and put her back down. And she did take her nap thankfully. I guess sometimes you just need a little adventure before naptime!!

These are the moments I hope I never forget...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

PC Homecoming

On on victory...a little fight song intro. Anyway, we made it to Homecoming this year. Last time we went I was pregnant with Abby. I was excited for her to see Mommy & Daddy's school. She loved running around and they had inflatable games for kids which was an added bonus. We didn't go to the game this time, but were able to see all the new additions to PC and run into many friends. Next year will be Stephen's 10 year reunion...not mine of course because I'm so much younger!! Who knows...maybe Abby will be a Blue Hose one day?

Excited in the car on the way

Nervous first steps on campus!

How cute are they together on the main PC signage?!

Outside the new science hall...really nice addition...we only missed it by 10 years!

Oh the fountain! It has seen better days when it wasn't green?!