Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in Raleigh

Stephen was on call this just Abby and I went to Raleigh for the long weekend. We were able to celebrate my grandmother's 89th birthday as well as enjoy some good ole Davison bonding. Abby had fun doing an Easter Egg Hunt at my family's church and loved her Easter basket goodies. This was actually her 3rd Easter, but her 1st basket...that's right...we were getting away with doing nothing as long as we could!!!

Enjoying some milk-free candy...Peeps are gross I think, but she ate some!

My sister AKA Aunt Nana and future Uncle Erik!!!

My parents AKA Poppy & Meme

Ring Around the Rosie

Our playgroup buddies came over last week to have cupcakes for Abby's birthday. Besides the highlight of eating sweets, they enjoyed many rounds of "Ring Around the Rosie" and it was so much fun to watch them try to coordinate the hand holding and circling. They can actually sing it themselves now!! Take note of Avery's shirt if you're up for a Mad Gab challenge!!! (FYI: For those that don't know, you can click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Caleb and Abby think Walker is silly with the Mr. Potato Head glasses on!

Love Walker's sweet little face in this one!

Can you figure out the shirt?!!

Easter eggs

So many fun things to do with children....I get excited about all the firsts in Abby's life. Here's the 1st Easter egg dying experience...which was of course more me than her this go around...I've got to get over my OCDness about making messes!!! Anyway, she had fun using the "magic" crayon and eating the one we broke.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today's the big 2 year old debut for Abby! We can't believe how fast another year has gone by...and what a difference a year makes! This year she could actually sing "Happy Birthday" to herself. What a fun age...some challenging aspects of course...but so much fun to watch her learn and grow. We thank God for her health and the joy she brings to our lives. We had a fun little butterfly-themed birthday this weekend with family and a few girlfriends.

And Bunny enjoyed the party....she always comes along these days....

Abby really hammed it up when everyone sang to her...she clapped and wanted them to all sing again!! I don't know where she gets wanting to be the center of attention from??

The after party got started after dinner when she tried on her princess gear!!

What a sweetheart...and Bunny's sweet too!

Big girl bed!

We recently set up a big girl bed in Abby's little alcove area. She is thrilled with it! The first time she climbed up on it she clasped her little hands together, closed her eyes and said "Dear God, thank you for my new bed." I got tears in my eyes...she teaches me about true gratitude. She hasn't tried sleeping there yet and truthfully we're going to enjoy the confines of the crib as long as we can!!

My birthday's coming up!

This past week Abby was pretty excited about her birthday. One morning, instead of saying "good morning" she said "my birthday's coming up!" Here's a little footage when I quizzed her about it one day. It's fun that she's more aware of what's going on this year...but we still need to work on the birthday song a little learning how to end it!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Praising God for Cohen

The friends from church that we asked for prayers for many months ago had their little boy last night a little early. Cohen was born via c-section, weighing 5.67lbs and is doing so well right now!! We praise God for allowing him to breathe and allowing his parents to have some sweet time with him. If you're interested you can check out their blog for the latest entries and pictures. God is good indeed!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cat in the Hat event

The Greenville Literacy Council does a great reading celebration featuring the Cat in the Hat each year. Abby & Abby had fun making hats, listening to stories, getting Horton the elephant painted on their faces, and getting some free books!!

1st Pizza with Walker!!

Friday night we hung out with the Wolfram family. We wanted Abby and Walker to have pizza...they both are allergic to milk products :( So Logan had some special "vegan rella" cheese that actually melts! The kids had so much fun throwing dough around and topping their pizzas...and they were actually really tasty. We adults had ordered Papa Johns pizza for us though!!