Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recent stuff

We are pretty tired around this household, but we're enjoying life and thankful for spring weather! Here's some recent fun:

Fairy Godmother Special K made Abby a princess dress and mailed it to her. Thank goodness it's so beautiful b/c I better get used to seeing it all day, every day!

This is what I found while checking on Abby during dinner preparation the other night...playing in the weeding container...whatever works!

Our driveway is now paved! They left some equipment overnight and you know we had to try it out!

My 3 favorite people...finally a great pic of them with there DaddyO! I think McAlister is tiring of my picture taking already!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

4 months old!

Wow! People told me that the 2nd and subsequent children are born and then it's a blur because time flies so quickly. I believe it! And my lack of scrapbooking believes it! McAlister is 4 months old and is so much fun. We love his jolly little laugh and watching him figure out how some toys work. He's just recently rolled over a few times so that means I can't put him up high anymore. Many people wonder about how the sleeping is going...well not so great actually but we're about to really work on that = let him cry it out. My nerves don't do great with this, but my body will thank me when I am able to get a better night's rest!

I saw this precious photo idea recently and so we attempted it, but he kept rolling over and did not enjoy such a cold, hard surface :)

Easter highlights

Christ is Risen!!! I am so grateful for my Lord & Savior. He's changed my life and thankfully continues to mold me daily. This year I really enjoyed Abby learning more about the most important story ever. She loved the crafts and songs from church over the past month. It's so cute to hear her say Jerusalem and Christ is alive. Here are a few pics of our Easter related fun. We didn't actually get a family pic before church...oh well!