Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's strawberry time again!

Yes, we ate our whole basket of strawberries in 3 days!! I miss them and wish we had gone ahead and picked the 2 baskets. Oh well! Playgroup and some more buddies met for our 2nd annual berry pickin' or actually just eating them instead of picking...which is why I didn't end up with 2 baskets. It's so fun to watch these munchkins together. And I was thankful we went earlier in the season this year so it wasn't too hot. I should go again...and not eat 40 strawberries in a day. I mean they are seriously like candy when they're hot off the field.

Avery & Abby must be wondering where the strawberry fields forever are?

5 months old = yummy mush trial

We truly can't believe how quickly 5 months have gone by! McAlister is so much fun laughing and cooing...and now eating rice cereal. He's loving his intro to "real" food if that stuff can be called real. Abby is still so sweet to him. It's my favorite part of the day to see them interact. He found his feet this week and is starting to attempt to scoot around the floor by pulling his knees under him and pushing his feet. I do not want an early crawler however b/c I'm not ready to keep my floors that clean yet!

1st trip with 2 kids!

So I need a t-shirt that reads: "I survived my first trip with 2 kids...barely!" J/K! Although it would have been nice if we remembered that our stroller and the baby bjorn was in the trunk of our other car...oops! It was really a great trip to Lake Lure with our families. We hiked Chimney Rock, took a pontoon boat for a tour of the lake I'd love to live on, and enjoyed the cooler weather. Abby was such a ham striking a ton of poses in front of the waterfall. She loves to hike!

Mother's Day with my 2 precious ones! What an honor!

Our Parkside nuts!