Friday, July 25, 2008

Celebrity hubby!!

Stephen made our news last night!! Click on the link and see the article and watch the video clip to the right of the article. He's a natural!! No calls yet on when he'll get a spot on this season's ER or Grey's Anatomy due to such a stellar performance!! J/K! I have to brag on my hubby...we're just happy for the free publicity for Parkside Pediatrics!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playgroup swim fun!

We are so thankful to all of our friends who have invited us over to swim in their neighborhood pools this summer since we don't have one. Abby has really taken off recently with swimming unassisted by me, but still assisted by her swim vest. At the beginning of the summer she was clingy, wanted to be held in the water, and would not put her floaties or swim vest on. Now she doesn't like the baby pool and always wants to go in the big pool...which means I get to get wet also. She loves the vest now! She's kicking her legs, rolling over from front to back to front, floating on her back, blowing bubbles in the water some, jumping in off the side...I can hardly believe it. That's why I had to film some of it. I didn't get much fun stuff on this short video because I got nervous and decided to get back in the water with her!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's A......

Look close and see!!!

This is the 4D pic...a little scary looking...but cute to see the little 11 oz BOY with his hand by his face!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crazy busy Raleigh weekend

Abby and I arrived safely back from our busy weekend in Raleigh. My Dad's little 60th birthday party was fun and Malana's shower went well. I spent a good bit of my time cutting out her bulletin fans...didn't get a picture of me doing that torturous, tedious task...I would have smiled for the camera at least. (Just kidding Malana it was a fun matron-of-honorly duty to participate in!!) We are excited for the big day, but were ready to get back home and see Stephen.

Apparently my head is not as important as the cake!

Dad and Mom had a wedding to attend...don't they clean up nice!

The bride to be looking oh so glam in that hat!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bela's crazy month

A few days before our Williamsburg vacation, poor Bela was bitten by another dog while we were taking a walk in our neighborhood (this is the 2nd time, but different dog...and yes we should move!). Anyway, they had to shave a lot of his hair to cleanse the wounds and let them heal. Sorry if some of you are grossed out by the bloody picture. Now it's been about 3 weeks and he's all healed up. We decided to take him in for his first grooming experience. We always wash our dogs ourselves at home, but he's never had a haircut. And a haircut he got!!! They evened it all up so it could all grow back at the same length. The groomer brought him out to me yesterday and I had no idea it was him. Poor thing...but maybe he'll enjoy being cooler this summer. We just hope he doesn't get sunburned! And we hope it grows back quickly because we liked him hairy...even if I do have to vacuum a lot!

This is what Bela normally looks like

This is after the emergency vet visit

This is the new and improved Bela hairdo :( He doesn't even look like a sheltie!

And this is Sadie trying to decide who this new dog is

July 4th at Montreat

We went back to Montreat in Black Mountain, NC to celebrate the July 4th weekend with Stephen's parents again this year. What great mountain much cooler than Greenville has been. Abby enjoyed the parade and picnic festivities. Then she enjoyed not taking a nap because she kept climbing out of the pack-and-play. So we decided to play in the rain which was much more fun. I can't post the pics of the nude rain dance she decided to do...but it was quite funny! She loved playing in the creek even though the water was really chilly. What a fun weekend! Stephen also celebrated his 31st birthday this weekend. We still can't believe we're in our 30s!

Anniversary night ends with a dancing cow!

We have some really great friends!! The Hattens kept Abby so we could grab an anniversary breakfast before our 16 week OB appointment. The Roemmichs kept Abby so we could go out to dinner. We enjoyed the time to ourselves, which is quite rare these days. When we came to pick Abby up, she was wearing her friend Abby's cow costume and refused to take it off. She was sweating profusely but enjoyed dancing way past her bedtime!!!

And here I am at 16.5 weeks for all those who haven't seen the baby bump has appeared much sooner this go around...and that shirt really makes it noticeable...yikes I might be huge!! We get to find out what peanut #2 is on July 22nd!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One month and counting...

One month from today my little sister will be walking down the aisle!! I am so excited for her and her fiance Erik. It hardly seems possible that she can be old enough to get married, but then I remember how old I am already and everything seems possible!! She's got so many plans and little things left to get done beforehand...and so do I because I said I'd help with stuff...that's what good old matrons are for right! Please pray for a month of joy and excitement and no stress as we all prepare for what will be a beautiful celebration for both sides of their families. Aren't they cute together??