Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our little singer

This is a video from back in March, but I just now loaded it from our older digital camera we hardly use anymore. Abby loves learning the songs that Daddy practices for church. I think she sounds really cute and sweet...until she burps...but she keeps right on singing! Pretty good pitch also...and I know she does not get that from me!

8 months old!

Can't believe McAlister is already 8 months old...and on the MOVE!! Watch out! I have to keep my floors cleaner now! He's crawling a lot sooner than Abby did. He really is so cute and mostly loves to laugh at his big sister. Toys are becoming more exciting to him...or at least to his mouth. Gaga and mama are the most frequent sounds he makes...besides fussing sounds! Still waiting on teeth. I thought the bottoms were on their way, but they haven't popped up yet. We're enjoying watching his personality come out now. He is definitely a mommma's boy and gets pretty upset whenever I exit the room. Hope you enjoy the video!

Raleigh...fun times!

I survived my first solo car trip with 2 kids...all the way to Raleigh. I know 4.5 hours doesn't seem like a long trip...but it was! They actually did really well though...do I love portable DVD players...yes I do!! And thankfully McAlister is a car sleeper unlike the one who will remain nameless. Once we were there we had so much fun doing all kinds of family bonding. Old school Pullen Park was a fun outing with Aunt Nana and the Marbles Children's Museum was really neat for Abby. Thank you to my family for a fun, memorable trip!