Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do they look alike?

In an effort to answer everyone's #1 question "Does McAlister look like Abby when she was little?"...I think the answer is certain times and from certain angles. So I found a few pics of Abby from around the same age (the baldness gave it away...they definitely both share that phenomenon of hair loss!)

McAlister snoozing
Abby snoozing

Let me know what you think?! We can definitely tell that they are related, but she seemed more delicate and he seems more dude-like...but maybe it's because we knew she was a girl and he's a boy! As for the #2 question of "Does he look more like Stephen or Taryn?"...we have no idea right now!

Abby with paci
McAlister with paci

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We have some amazing friends from church who are heading to Papua New Guinea in just a couple months for a lifetime of mission work. We are amazed, humbled, challenged and encouraged by their answer to God's call on their life. Check out their website to learn more about them, see pics of their adorable daughters and find out how you can join their support team. We will miss them, but are totally excited to see how God will work thru them in the remote tribe that will be blessed by their absence among our church body. Join me in praying for them as they finish support raising and set out on their 20+ year commitment to serve in Papua New Guinea.

Recent playdate with Elizabeth and daughters Belle and Lucy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

6 weeks old!

People have told me time flies by with the 2nd child even faster than the 1st one. That is so true! McAlister is already 6 weeks old and smiling like such a big boy! And he's definitely getting bigger. He was 8lbs 14ozs last week, so he's probably over 9lbs now. Abby continues to be so nurturing with's really very cute to watch him smile at her. I'm sure she'll be the one to bring about the first giggle from him. I look at both of them and thank God for the miracle of life and for allowing us to participate in His creation. What a privilege to serve as parents. This weekend we plan to attend a parenting conference at our church. I can't wait to be encouraged and challenged about the intentionality of our parenting. Maybe I'll have some blogworthy aha moments to share!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We have 2 kids!!

No, it hasn't taken me a whole month to realize this...or maybe it has! Nonetheless, I have 2 kids and I dearly love them. People were right about your heart just growing bigger to love 2 kids, not dividing. They are so sweet together (right now!). Abby has started to ask to hold him now. We had grandparents here so long giving her such great attention and she had a cold when he was first born so she never asked to hold him. I love seeing them together and can't wait to watch their relationship develop. Siblings are such a blessing. I didn't grasp that growing up...but I dearly love my sister (shout out to Malana!!).

A typical morning!

Love this one!

He was actually smiling, although it looks like he's in distress!


Here are just a few recent favorite pics of McAlister. He's smiling and cooing some and we're loving it of course. He really likes to smile at Abby!! He's also balding now so he looks like a little old man with no hair and no teeth, but still pretty cute I think!

1 month old

I totally copied this idea from a few friends who have done this with their children. I plan to try to remember to do it on the 11th of each month during this 1st year. We'll see how my memory does!! Can't believe it's already been a whole month.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day...and Happy New Year!!

Better late than never, but here are some pics from our Christmas Day. Finally got a decent family can consider this your Merry Christmas card since we never got those sent this year!! We had just our family of 4 for Christmas morning. Abby loved her little makeup center from Santa and has been playing dress up ever since. She loved opening stockings and presents. Meme & Poppy came later on that day to celebrate with us. They are still here ringing in the new year with us...and we appreciate all the help!! Hope you all had a very happy new year!! We look forward to all that awaits us in 2009!

McAlister turned 2 weeks old on Christmas Day...and enjoys swinging!