Monday, March 29, 2010

Egg Dying and Body Slamming

Egg dying went well this year...well to me means no newly dyed clothing. Abby loves to eat hard boiled eggs, so they aren't staying around long. I know they say not to eat the dyed ones, but I always did...and see how I turned out ;) !! This is the first spring we've noticed allergies with Abby. You can see her poor red cheeks, nose and eyes. We'll probably have to get her tested soon to see what seasonal or environmental things she's actually allergic to.

The kids are loving to wrestle each other these days. Abby will lay on the floor and say "Okay McAlister, come get me." And he precedes to jump on top of her like he's been wrestling all his life. It's hilarious!

Downtown Spring

We walked around downtown this weekend. We love it there and miss living nearby. Found some neat picture spots among the thousands of beautiful places. It was a bit chilly, be we enjoyed the fresh air after some sickness this past week.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abby's 4th Birthday!! :)

Seriously? 4 years have gone by? March 16th was the big day! A few days early we had a friend party and Abby chose a ballerina theme and made the guest list. It was really cute!! We gave her a bike...completely decked out with princesses...which I guess means McAlister will have to get his own instead of using that one as a hand-me-down! She's really doing well on the bike...if only we had a decent place for her to ride it...too many hills around here! We love her so much! She makes us laugh a lot with her imagination, constant singing and dancing and her spunky attitude. She can make us cry also some days. God has truly blessed us with allowing us to be her parents.

McAlister is 15 months old now and runs around exploring everything. See how he's trying to get down and away from me! Abby actually took this picture!