Sunday, August 28, 2011

This & That

The past couple weeks have been full! We've got one crawling and pulling up, one potty training, one who just started Kindergarten and 2 that take care of kids all might can figure out who's who. And we thank God for all of it.

Baby girl is growing up too fast!

K4 graduation

1st day of K...some of us weren't paying attention b/c we were trying not to cry!

do we own enough cars and books? this is his favorite game now that big sis is at school every day.

Trying to be like Daddy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I was told to update my pics by someone who will remain nameless. Over the past month, we had a great trip to WV full of fun and yummy meals from Big Daddy & Special K. And we finally got some pictures of the 5 of us thanks to Special K. Blaire is now 8 months old...she's crawling, pulling up and getting into trouble already! McAlister likes to wrestle both his sisters. Abby's about to start Kindergarten and got her new big girl haircut. We are all ready for cooler weather!! Enjoying seeing my kids grow and learn new things, but I'd like them to slow down and stay little longer....that's us in a nutshell.