Monday, October 19, 2009

Meeting Abraham!!

Sarah & Amos had their precious little boy a week ago...Abraham Jerman Disasa. We finally got to meet him yesterday!! It was a whirlwind visit, but we got to see Stephen's whole family...which made for a great photo! Holding little Abraham was so sweet. It's so hard for me to remember that mine were that tiny not too long ago. Welcome to the family Abraham!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rainy day activities

These weren't my choice of rainy day fun activities. I was on the computer for a few minutes and found them doing this...

What? Who me? It's totally safe to play with plastic bags Mom!

"Look at my rainbow!" Abby exclaims.

10 months old!

The teddy bear pics are still not working out now that he's mobile. He thinks it's really funny for me to keep tackling him to try to get the perfect pic! He is pulling up constantly, cruising a little along the couch, loves opening and closing doors, loves to eat, still no teeth, says mama and doggie (Stephen thinks he's saying daddy!), and loves Abby so much. He's a little on the small side now, 6th %ile for weight. I guess being on the move is using up those calories! Can't believe he'll be having his 1st birthday soon!

Sibling battles already! Right now they are funny! Look at his's always out in concentration mode!

Nivens Farm Fall Fun (3 Fs!)

It was so fun to take both kids this year...last year Abby didn't fit too well on my lap! A hayride, corn maze, pumpkins, stinky farm animals, unique playground, picnic was great! Just a few fun pics...