Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some new faves...

Just a few new pics from the beach that I really like of the kids.

He can put his paci in by himself, but it often ends up upside down...but he doesn't mind!

Beach week highlights

Aside from little sleep, our trip to Edisto Island with my parents and my sister & bro-in-law was really fun. Abby, who hadn't been to the beach since she was one, declared before we arrived that she would not swim in the ocean. By the end of day 1 we couldn't get her out! The only mishaps were a few shell cuts on her toe and one nightmare about "trabs" in her bed. McAlister had a different day one experience. He was NOT a beach fan at all. We had him smothered in sunscreen, under a nice borrowed umbrella, surrounded by toys...but he didn't care. I guess it was too hot, too bright, too much for him. But his 1st experience in a pool, which felt like his bathwater, was a hit! I love seeing my kids experience new things. The joy on Abby's face as she ran thru the sand, jumped the waves, and heard the words "we'll come back tomorrow," was worth the lack of sleep. Thanks Mom & Dad for graciously hosting us! We'll come back anytime!

this is the face of a beach hater

the only halfway decent family pic we got...b/c i'm sparing you all the one of us in our swimsuits!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

6 months old!

Cannot believe that half a year has gone by already. It's truly been a blur...likely due to the poor sleep I've been getting! McAlister has stolen our hearts all over again...so you CAN love more than one kid even though it didn't seem possible! He's at such a fun age of beginning to sit and play with toys more. He LOVES his solid food so much. Abby is still the one who makes him laugh the most. He's intrigued by the dogs from afar, but panics if you put him eye level with one! We keep wondering who he really looks like so I included some pics of Abby at 6 months. We just love this little guy! And yes, we still call him the full 4 syllables of McAlister!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

just a few of the babes

We were at Stephen's office whatever day this was and someone said "awww they match today!" So I attempted a photo session and these are my new faves!

Downtown Memorial Day Fun!

We love downtown Greenville! Now that we moved farther away to suburbia we don't get to wander around the Reedy River Falls area as much as we used to. But we did enjoy the usual spots when my parents came to visit.

Now this picture is not of a downtown attraction, but it could be! My parents very thoughtfully brought Abby some of my old dance costumes (yes, they still had them...that's another story!). So our rough and tough girl has been up to her usual activities all while wearing a costume or a princess dress (she's all into that now, too!). It's hilarious!

What a difference a year makes...

My parents were visiting during Memorial Day weekend so we headed downtown for a walk and some pictures, b/c it's hard to get a family photo! So we took one in the same place as last year. It's always fun to look back and see the changes in life, our family, even the hydrangea bush. We're obviously so thankful that McAlister is part of our family now. One thing that stayed the same is Abby's dress...same one, but my how much she's changed! The one thing that stayed the same that actually matters the most in our lives is God. We're so thankful for our Lord & Savior, the true constant. We're being challenged daily to see if we truly place all our trust in him and on him. I'm so thankful he loves me despite of me.